China’s first world championship motorcycle racing team 

Round one: Zongshen taking two championships

The race lasted for only three days. The first day (May 1) was only for administrative check. However, the second day was full of events, including practice, two rounds of qualification and the first round of race. Running four times a day can really give a hard time for both the team and the racers. If you encountered any accident, you could not even have time to fix the bike. The third day was again very easy, including only the warm-up exercise and the second round of the race.

The first round of the Nanjing race began around 3:45 pm. He Zhifeng hesitated a bit at the beginning, giving his leading position to his teammate Liu Junmei. But the two were riding extremely close, quickly leaving behind other contestants. At the last corner of the first lap, He reseized his first place from his partner and rival. After finishing the first lap, the two leading racers from Zongshen have gained a 5 seconds advantage over following contestants. As the race went on, He also left Liu behind a bit. To everyone's surprise, the one riding to the third was the 14-year-old young racer Luo Junjie, keeping almost 5 seconds ahead from the 4th player, XGJAO' Zeng Jianhang. If everything went as expected, Zongshen could possibly have a clear sweep again in the first round. However when it came to the sixth lap, a racer fell on the circuit. For safety concern, the organizer terminated the game immediately. According to the rules, the race should continue if 75% of total distance hasn't been finished and the total distance was 15 laps. Given the finished distance was less than required, the race restarted after a short circuit clean-up and medical aid for the injured. This time, the starting position was determined by the position when the race was ended. The start over did not affect He Zhifeng and Liu Junmei at all, but gave Luo Junjie a higher starting position at No. 3. When the race began, He Zhifeng took the lead and never gave it away again, not even to Liu Junmei. Before long, he crossed the finishing line, winning himself the first champion in 2015. After a 10 year departure from mainland circuits, Liu Junmei's performance was valorous and stable enough to win her the second place. The team champion was also taken by Zongshen easily. 

As the world celebrating the International Labour Day, motorcycle enthusiasts was enjoying their own festival, first station of CRRC 2015 at Nanjing, the capital of six ancient dynasties. In the sun-scorched and rain-drenched race, the defending champion Zongshen racing team, with their upgraded RC250 and perfect teamwork of the crew members, won all four group and individual championships of two rounds in the Manufacturer Cup domestic 250CC race. Their throne was unchallengeable at the moment.  

2013China Zongshen Motorcycle Racing Team went to fight in the FIM Road Racing World Cup European series race, invincibly sweeping its rivals to get the championship for races at Spain Valencia, Germany Oschersleben and France Le Mans station and pluck the crown of annual grand championship for both the Racing Team and the racing driver. 

Racing Team Cup CRRC 250CC open group

China's first world championship motorcycle racing team
Strongly supported by Zongshen, Chinese speed displays itself to the worldChina Zongshen Motorcycle Racing Team was established in May 1999, with its predecessor being China Road Motorcycle Racing Team. Since motorcycle race is a huge capital consuming sports and is not an Olympic event, which suggests that it is not supported by national finance, China Road Motorcycle Racing Team quickly fell into the dilemma of capital shortage. 

1999China Zongshen Motorcycle Racing Team was established, and its predecessor was China Road Motorcycle Racing Team.

2002China Zongshen Motorcycle Racing Team won the annual grand champion of the World Motorcycle Endurance Tournament.

2006-2009for four years in a row, Zongshen Motorcycle Racing Team represented China to fight in the Asian Cup Road Motorcycle Tournament.

2008-2009for two years in a row, Zongshen Motorcycle Racing Team won the third place in the Asian Cup Road Motorcycle Tournament.2011China Zongshen Motorcycle Racing Team gathered its strength to conquer the world zero-carbon-emission two-wheel motorcycle sports TTXGP, and created the record of stepping on the medal-granting podium at every station of race, and won the annual runner-up for TTXGP European Tournament and the runner-up of the Final.2012China Zongshen Motorcycle Racing Team won the championship for the FIM e-POWER and TTXGP Oschersleben station race in Germany, and climbed onto the top of the world's electric motorcycle.